Connect Quick -The new standard in EMCOMM and contest antenna mounting!

Roving season is firing up.  Are you setting up multiple antennas at each roving spot?

Have a look at K6UDA's mention of this product on his YouTube channel.  

You can subscribe to his channel and get lots of reviews of other great products.

For all of the rovers out there, check out our mounting system.  This is the fastest way to deploy your antennas in the field that is available!

Emergency services folks will like our new

 Surface Mounting Set!

Great for attaching antennas to the side of your communications vehicles!

  This is the Swiss Army knife of antenna mounts!  Every Go Kit should include one.

Now with the experience of 16 years of service the Connect Quick products are your proven solution to having a lightning fast way to mount your antennas or other deploy-able objects such as solar panels etc..  Eliminate the time-consuming and aggravating fumbling with U bolts, nuts and hardware when you are needing to have your equipment mounted in an expeditious manner!

Rovers, contesters, ARES, EMCOMM, CERT and HSMM Mesh folks love these products as they can be installed in a leisurely way before any needed event and then deployed in seconds when at the mountain top, EOC, communication trailer, command post or the like.  RV owners can mount to their ladders or by using the surface plate and gasket can mount to the side of the RV and pass the cable right through the gasket to the inside.

Watch the Video to see how easily and quickly they mate together.  

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Connect Quick Horizontal Set

Connect Quick Horizontal Set

Connect Quick plates to attach a horizontal boom to a vertical mast.  The plates are 6061 alumi..

$55.20 Ex Tax: $55.20

Connect Quick Vertical Set

Connect Quick Vertical Set

Connect Quick plates to attach a vertical boom to a vertical mast.  The plates are 60..

$57.27 Ex Tax: $57.27

Connect Quick Flat Surface Mounting Plate

Connect Quick Flat Surface Mounting Plate

The Connect Quick Flat Surface Mounting Plate allows mounting onto the side of EMCOMM..

$29.41 Ex Tax: $29.41

CQS - Surface Plate Set

CQS - Surface Plate Set

When deploying to a disaster scenario whether you are in the field or at an Emergency Operation Cent..

$77.03 Ex Tax: $77.03